Just Words

March 7, 2014

If you ever knew
What drove through ye thoughts
Dark lights receding
Clear view distorts.

Love and lust
Nothing is one
Grasp in the darkness
Your ride has now gone

Lifting the blinds
Open the doors
See into its soul
So it can taint yours

Intrepid and incestuous
Lustful and wrong
Disgusting and repulsive
That is the one

The cretin’s unfolding
Opens her legs
Don’t look too closely
Lest you forget

A temptress like this
Oh! Let her be.
But don’t get too close
Or end up with misery.

A life of sorrow
Like blissful regret
Avoidance in drinking
Her soul is for let.

Lunch with Laurel

January 31, 2013

The sun, the moon
The earth and the stars –
The skin, the hair
The burns and the scars.
Earth bound bodies
In amorphous catharsis
Make but a spec
In the nebulous abyss.

Eyes awakening
To quintessential vulnerability,
Lights are ignited
To love held within thee.
The joy of two worlds
Enriched and exciting
Beguile all limits
Epiphany inviting –
Revisit inhibitions
Take all your humility
Stay grounded in cataclysm
Return with a symphony.

Ephemeral moments
The space in between;
The zenith of euphoria
All honesty serene.

So here’s to the journey
Where freedom transcends
To infinite possibility
No we have become friends.


November 27, 2012

A man punctured the ground
With his pompous red flag
“This is mine!” He declared
With the wind waving his tag.

Stood victorious
His legs proudly spread
“Actually it’s mine.”
And out popped a head.

A small female rabbit
Appeared from the ground
“This is not yours.” She exclaimed
“It’s not something you’ve found.”

“This is my home.” She yelled
“This is all mine –
You shall not claim it.
No no, not this time!”

“Hush little rabbit!
This is not yours.”
Out crept a fox
Licking his paws.

“Run back to your warren
This is all mine.
Or should I eat you?
You’d taste Devine.”

“No! This is all MINE!”
Screeched the voice of a mole.
He quickly made his statement
Then vanished down his hole.

“Don’t listen to him.
It’s simply all mine.”
Down swooped a swallow
Who flies on a rhyme.

What a great squabble;
The man, rabbit, fox and a bird.
All fighting for land
Until something was heard.

Every single blade of grass
Began to sing in the breeze.
The wind loudly rustling
Through all of the leaves.

The clouds and the rain
Soaking the earth as one,
The wind wildly blowing
And the sun that still shone.

“Be still little ones
Believing of possession and choice
I am all encompassing
With no single voice.

We are one and we are many,
United and separate at the very same time.
So stop your thoughts of owning me.

Because – you are all mine.”

Finally heard

November 19, 2012

A black-haired child
She stands all alone,
The only guiding light
In the darkness she’s known –
Herself, as she shines,
Quietly crying.
Sits in tv
Until the pain starts dying.

All by herself
She remains on her own.
There is no protection
Nor security shown.
An elegant woman now.
See how she’s grown.

Still able to love
With the ability to care
She’s raised herself
With no one else there.

No one to hold her
To say it’s alright
To take her hand
Or guide her through night.
I shall repeat –
She is her only light.

You are beauty itself!
And now that you’re older
You can stop running
Don’t watch over your shoulder.
I need to tell you,
The struggle is over.

Now you can see her,
Give time to recover
To cherish the strong child
To understand and to love her.
Tell her this much
She did nothing wrong
Give her a mirror
Show her how strong…
She waded through danger
And never bit back
She remained calm
When under attack.

Through torture and trauma
She struggled along
With no body to witness
The horror undergone.

Now her voice
Has finally been found,
Once hidden from you
She’s emerged from the ground!

Rejoice the child
Who suffered in silence
Allow her the freedom to
Now break from compliance.


November 7, 2012

I’m hungry
And frightened
I want to be enlightened.

Don’t touch me
Just love me
I want you to be above me.

Don’t lose me
Just use me
I want you to abuse me.

I’m hungry
I’m frightened
Just zip me up I’m tightened!

Follow Me

October 4, 2012

My darling, 

How my heart bleeds for you,

With every beat,

I shed a tear for you.

Torn between

The worlds of two,

Hide in here, 

Just me and you.


Fear not my love,

The sun will shine,

Not at the moment –

But we will have our time.

Pull together,

You and I.

Fall into me darling,

It’s ok to cry.


In some worlds,

It is never easy.

We’ve both struggled;

Anything but light and breezy.


Through screams, heartaches

Darkness and pain,

Follow me my love,

I see shelter from the rain.


You are never alone.

I love you!


Two Titan Ships

September 29, 2012

A giant ocean – vast and wide,

Storms would come and them subside.

This Ocean saw a lot of things,

All the joy and sorrow life does bring.

From the blue sky crying,

To beautiful angels flying.


The Ocean was lonely, grim and bare,

Until he noticed two titan ships were there.

He saw the ships, they travelled in distance,

Completely independent, needing no one’s assistance.

The great icons knew nothing of each other,

They kept their focus on the ocean they covered.


Continuing forward, through crashing waves,

Breaking interior, until the calm waters they craved.

Nothing could stop them – though enemies tried,

All was strong with them, apart from the heart inside.


Through battles and trauma each would prevail,

Through rocky waters they continued to sail.


The Ocean watched with heartache until deciding to say:

“I will make these heroic ship unite today!”

So the Ocean mustered up all his might,

He pushed them together with waves of great height.

With a huge crash they collided together,

They joined hearts, now both stronger than ever.


So two mighty ships, united as one

Their blissful life together has just begun.

With each other they made a home,

Living happily as their love continues to grow.

They’ve overcome every obstacle, so both deserve

All the offerings the world has to serve.


So my they journey through life hand-in-hand,

Now they’ve survived the Ocean and found their land.